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  • Abraham Lincoln / SOLD

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    Abraham Lincoln - Inventory Number: POL 143 / SOLD

    Abraham Lincoln by artist Rudolf Lesch, 225 Fifth Ave., New York, Circa 1865. This portrait of Abraham Lincoln is a composite of Lincoln’s head and the Southern politician John Calhoun’s body. This composite was created because Lincoln was assassinated before any impressive presidential-looking photos of him could be taken. Lincoln’s face was taken from a seated portrait by his favorite photographer, Mathew Brady, and superimposed onto an older engraving of Southern pro-slavery politician John C Calhoun.  The text on the documents were changed from\: “Strict Construction / Free Trade / The sovereignty of the States” to “Constitution / Union / Proclamation of Freedom” showing the juxtaposition of their political stances. Housed in its original frame with archival matting and backer.  Measures: 33” x 26 ¼”.

    Inventory Number: POL 143 / SOLD