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  • Ames Model 1833 Dragoon Saber / SOLD

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    Ames Model 1833 Dragoon Saber- Inventory Number: SWO 116 / SOLD

    This beautiful untouched dragoon saber is an Ames Model 1833 contract specimen manufactured by the N. P. Ames cutlery firm of Springfield, Mass.  The US regiment of Dragoons organized on March 2, 1833 and a new pattern saber was authorized for their use.  This Ames produced single-edged blade is slightly curved with a heavy rounded quill back which runs its entire length.  Maker's address is finely hand etched in script near the hilt on the obverse with "N. P. Ames / Cutler / Springfield / 1839."  Reverse flat is etched with "United States" in script just 2" up from the washer pad.

    Grip is constructed of wood covered with russet leather and wound with silver wire.  A brass ferrule at the blade end has raised bands.  The convex-type brass backstrap tops the grips and expands into a cap for the modified bird's head pommel decorated with concentric rings.  The half basket guard has two branches on the obverse side of the knucklebow and one small branch on the reverse side.  Brass quillon with its disc style end turns toward the blade.  Quillon stamped with "WS".  The original iron scabbard retains strong traces of the original browned finish.  Drag bears the matching inspectors marking of "WS".  

    Inventory Number: SWO 116 / SOLD