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  • Ames Model 1852 Naval Officers Sword with 1852 Date/ Sold

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    Ames Model 1852 Naval Officers Sword with 1852 Date - Inventory Number: SWO 208 / Sold

    One of the first 500 Model 1852 Naval Officers Swords produced by Ames Manufacturing Company of Chicopee, Massachusetts. On March 8, 1852, the Secretary of the Navy issued a new set of uniform regulations that provided guidelines for naval officer’s swords. The Navy ordered 500 officer’s swords from Ames in early April 1852. The order included scabbards, belts and buckles at a cost of $22.50 per sword and was to be delivered to the Navy Yards at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington and Norfolk. Ames delivered 420 swords by Dec. 10, 1852, the final 80 were delivered to the NY Naval Yard on Jan. 5, 1853. These inspected swords, by definition, conform to the regulations and the pattern. This was the first and last time the U.S. Navy would purchase swords for its officers.

    This excellent example is one the first 500. The ricasso is dated 1852 with inspector’s markings on the reverse side “P” over “R.B.H.” for Commander Robert B. Hitchcock of the US Navy. Above the date is “Ames Mfg. Co./Chicopee/Mass.” followed by etchings against a frosted background of foliate, anchor on a shield, an oval of stars, and display of pole arms. The reverse side with an American eagle atop a deck gun, an anchor, a riband with “USN” finished with rope and foliage. The blade is bright and turning a very slight, pleasing gray. Ricasso washer intact. Sharkskin covered grip with twisted brass wire are in very good condition. The black leather scabbard has brass mounts with knot designs. The top mount has the Ames stamp on reverse side. The guard retains a officer’s bullion sword knot. A very desirable and attractive Navy sword. 

    Inventory Number: SWO 208 / Sold