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    Ballard Carbine - Inventory Number: RIF 090 / SOLD

    The Ballard is a single-shot, breech loading firearm used late during the Civil War. The .44 caliber, percussion carbine was invented and patented by Charles H. Ballard of Worcester, Mass in November 1861.

    Produced by the Ball & Williams Company of Worcester between 1862 and 1865, this carbine measures 37” long overall with a single barrel band and has a two-piece, black walnut stock.  The round barrel is 20 ¼” long with markings just forward of the sight:


    NOV. 5 1861


    Worcester, Mass



    The Ballard carbine was produced by five different firms and it is estimated that a total of 24,000 were made.  Serial number is 977 is stamped on the left of the frame beneath the Merwin Bray marking. 

    The metal surfaces are in good condition.  Barrel Markings are fully legible.  Walnut stick is sound, foregrip shows wear.  Bore is in very good condition, with clear lands and grooves with a bright finish.

    The early falling block action used was ahead of its time, but the competition with Sharps, Spencer, and others was overwhelming.  The result is that these Carbine are very scarce today but are essential to be included  in any Civil War Carbine Collection. 

    Inventory Number: RIF 090  / SOLD