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  • Carbine Cartridge Box

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    Carbine Cartridge Box - Inventory Number: LEA 173

    Fine, original example of the classic leather accoutrement carried by Federal mounted forces during the Civil War. Manufactured by Dingee went into partnership with Lorigan in 1863 and marked their boxes “Dingee & Lorigan New York”.  This box probably dates from 1862 or early 1863.

    This specimen is constructed of strong yet supple, black bridle leather. Box is maker-marked on the inside flap and the interior features a drilled wooden block 7½” long by 1½” wide and 2” high. Block has the capacity to hold twenty paper cartridges or twenty .52 caliber, metallic rimfire cartridges and is wrapped in leather for an outer dimension of 8” x 2” x 3¼”.

    When closed, the large leather outer flap and smaller inner flap protect the ammunition in the carbine box. The strong outer flap, which has a mild scalloped front edge, measures 8¼” wide at the top, 8½” wide at the bottom by 3½” deep. Leather is very good. Stitched and riveted to the center edge of the main flap is a 1” wide x 4” long leather closure tab, which is riveted to the flap, fits nicely into the pear-shaped brass finial located at the bottom of the box. All box stitching appears strong with both end pieces, or ears, sewn to the inner flap. Inner flap is strong but no surface crazing, and features a strong impression of the maker’s mark within a large oval stamped onto the surface that reads, “Dingee & Lorigan  / New York”. Inner flap closes over a small implement pouch sewn to the front of the box. Bottom of box is retains its two original black japanned roller buckles that were cut away. On the box’s back side, the two vertical, leather belt loops were period replaced with a single horizontal leather strip 5” long riveted and sewn the box.  An excellent example!

    Inventory Number: LEA 173