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  • Cased Epaulettes Worn by Warren Adams 1st South Carolina Infantry Regulars / SOLD

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    Cased Epaulettes Worn by Warren Adams 1st South Carolina Infantry Regulars - Inventory Number: INS 277 / SOLD

    Wonderful pair of dress epaulettes identified to Warren Adams, who enlisted as a captain in the 1st South Carolina Infantry (Butler’s 1st Regulars) and rose through the ranks to Lieutenant Colonel.  The epaulettes are constructed of silver bullion fabric with bullion tassels hanging from silver crescents. The underside of each epaulette has the remnant of white silk lining. The epaulettes are accompanied by a two-piece ball button and a six-pointed star device clipped from sheet brass. The original Japanned tin, locking storage box measures 11 ¼” by 8 ½” by 5 ¼” and is lined at the bottom with a piece of hand stitched quilt. The inside of the lid has a tag with ink inscription that reads “Presented by the Drayton Rutherford Chapter U.D.C.” There is an old museum inventory tag dated March 30, 1926, identifying the lot to Warren Adams. An excellent Confederate officer’s ensemble. 

    The 1st Regulars, or 3rd Heavy Artillery Regiment organized in December 1860, with eight companies, later increased to ten. The men were recruited in Charleston, Columbia, and Cheraw, and the counties of Greenville, Lancaster, Chesterfield, and Anderson. The unit trained as infantry and artillery, and served in the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. It took an active part in many conflicts in and around Charleston. In September 1862, the unit contained 628 effectives and during the operations on Morris Island, July 10 to September 6, 1863, it lost 10 killed, 32 wounded, and 22 missing. In January 1865, it was assigned to Colonel A. Rhett's Brigade and, serving as infantry, was active in the North Carolina Campaign. The unit surrendered on April 26, 1865. Its commanders were Colonels Richard H. Anderson, William Butler, and John Dunovant; Lieutenant Colonels Thomas M. Baker, Barnard E. Bee, Robert De Treville, and John C. Simkins; and Majors Warren Adams and Thomas A. Huguenin.

    Warren Adams - Enlisted as a Captain and was promoted to Major and Lt Colonel - Intra Regimental Company Transfers: from company H to Field & Staff. He also had service in: Company "H" Co. SC 1st Regulars Infantry.


    Inventory Number: INS 277 / SOLD