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  • Civil War Forage Cap Attributed to the 16th Maine Infantry / SOLD

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    Civil War Forage Cap Attributed to the 16th Maine Infantry - Inventory Number: UNI 160 / SOLD

    The crown retains an original infantry hunting horn device and regimental numbers “16”.  The cap when purchased retains a pair of modern display tags stating that it was “16th Maine” no further history could be provided as the collector passed away. 

    The 16th Maine was heavily engaged in combat throughout the war including the Battle of Gettysburg where “by sunset on July 1, 11 officers and men of the 16th Maine had been killed, 62 had been wounded, and 159 had been taken prisoner. Only 38 men of the Regiment managed to evade being captured and report for duty at 1st Corps headquarters. But the 16th Maine had bought precious time for the Union Army. Those whose retreat they had covered were able to establish a very strong position just east and south of the center of the town of Gettysburg along Cemetery Ridge. During the night and into July 2 the 1st and 11th Corps were reinforced by the rest of the Army of the Potomac. For the next two days they would withstand successive assaults by the Confederates until the final repulse of Pickett's Charge, on July 3.”

    The interior has been professionally restored by Conor Timoney of Philadelphia.  The sweatband is original, the polished cotton lining and side buttons were replaced/restored with period correct material as they were missing.  

    The cap presents honest wear and sweat stains on the sweatband and bottom edge.  The exterior has scattered small moth holes on the body and edges of the crown.  The color is bright, the chinstrap is in good condition as is the original visor.  Overall, a very nice representative piece of Civil War headgear.


    Inventory Number: UNI 160 / SOLD