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  • Civil War Saber with Incredible History / SOLD

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    Civil War Saber with Incredible History - Inventory Number: SWO 266 / SOLD

    This Saber was formerly part of a large collection from a Grand Army of the Republic Hall and Museum, it was mounted in the 1940’s to a display board and travelled the country as part of an exhibit by Phillip Dormont. 

    The original ink 1800’s calligraphy tag states: “Saber used by a German Cavalryman. Killed at the Battle of Chancellorsville after disabling three Rebs in a Hand-to-Hand Fight.”

    This is a British Light Cavalry Trooper's Saber used from the period of about 1821 to about 1860. This pattern was copied by other countries as well as the United States as the US Model 1833 Dragoon Saber. These style swords saw service in the Crimean War and were also exported to a number of countries - including the Confederacy during the American Civil War.

    Slightly curved single-edged blade with squared back-edge; single fuller (both sides), stopped at ricasso. Overall length is 40-1/4"; blade length is 34-3/4". All steel construction with the exception of the wood grip (leather wrap is missing on this example but most of the twisted brass wire remains.


    Inventory Number: SWO 266 / SOLD