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  • Colonial American Smallsword / SOLD

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    Colonial American Smallsword - Inventory Number: SWO 200 / SOLD

    Circa 1740-1750 colonial American smallsword. Triangular bladed smallswords were a common piece of a gentleman’s formal attire and were popular officer’s swords during the French and Indian Wars and the Revolutionary War. This one has a 20 ½” triangular blade with an even, brown patina. The brass clamshell guard is intact and somewhat loose. The thin brass handguards have been broken off long ago. The grip is polished wood with accents of braided brass wire at each end. The acorn shaped pommel has a pleasing brass patina and turns freely. The overall length is 27.” A nice piece of colonial American history. 

    Inventory Number: SWO 200 / SOLD