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  • Confederate Enlisted Trousers / SOLD

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    Confederate Enlisted Trousers - Inventory Number: UNI 091 / SOLD

    Exceptional and rare pair of Confederate soldier’s trousers. They are hand sewn from a rough homespun wool and cotton jeans of butternut brown and are homemade or possibly issued by a deep south clothing depot. The waist contains 6 suspender buttons, one of wood and the others a very thin brass. All 5 wooden buttons on the fly are intact. The trousers have 2 side pockets and one small pocket on the right rear and have a rear adjustment belt that it stitched closed. The cuffs have 3 holes which have been roughly patched with pieces of butternut jeans cloth. The right knee has a 3-inch round hole that is patched from the inside with a 10 inch by 6-inch piece of blue-gray jeans cloth. The trousers are unlined and have some wear as would be expected from real use in the field, but are in very solid, durable condition. These would be a fantastic addition to any Civil War or Confederate cloth collection.


    Inventory Number: UNI 091 / SOLD