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  • Confederate Facsimile Bill Advertisement for Dr. Moses’s Indian Root Pills

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    Confederate Facsimile Bill Advertisement for Dr. Moses’s Indian Root Pills – Inventory Number: CON 258

    Unusual piece of advertising from the 1880's. It was given away by W.H. Comstock, the proprietor of a patent medicine business. One of the many products produced by the company was Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills. According to the book History of the Comstock Patent Medicine Business and Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills by Robert B. Shaw, Confederate currency was a curiosity during the 1880's so Comstock created this realistic copy of a $20 Confederate bill. It is printed with what look like hand-written serial numbers and has the date 1864 printed on it. The bill also has "FAC-SIMILE" printed on it near the bottom but that isn't the first thing you notice when you look at it. It is only the front of the bill that is printed to look like Confederate currency. The back of the bill has advertising copy for Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills. The bill is 7 inches by 3 inches and in very good condition. 

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    Inventory Number: CON 258