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  • Confederate Musket - Fayetteville N. C. 1863 / SOLD

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    Confederate Musket – Fayetteville N.C. - 1863 - Inventory Number: RIF 058 / SOLD

    Outstanding example of southern ingenuity.  This .69 caliber musket is an 1816 musket bearing the barrel date of 1824.  Converted in the Confederacy with a Fayetteville, N.C. Lockplate – Marked C.S.A. / Fayetteville /1863.  The barrel was converted from flintlock to percussion with a percussion drum inset to the frizzen hole.  The drum is hand fitted and exhibits copper brazing around the perimeter as well as primitive file markings.  The original nipple is on the smaller size and is an exact match for the wear on the underside of the hammer where it makes contact.  The lockplate has been mounted via the addition of  a screw through the stock into the top center of the lockplate, the stock had been channeled to accept the lock and well as the mainspring.

     This gun originated from an estate of a pair of elderly black ladies in the south.  A wonderful original confederate used musket at a fraction of the price of a Richmond or Fayetteville.

    Inventory Number: RIF 058 / SOLD