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  • Confederate Numbered 1853 Enfield Bayonet / Sold

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    Confederate Numbered 1853 Enfield Bayonet - Inventory Number: CON 272 / Sold

    Pattern 1853 Enfield Bayonet imported through the blockade from England and marked with a Confederate inventory number “1992” on the socket. This number places it within the first of three groups of 10,000 numbered arms that were delivered to the Confederacy. The initial group was numbered from 1-9999, and the two subsequent groups were numbered in the same range, with the suffix “A” added to the second 10,000 and “B” added to the third 10,000. It likely that this bayonet (and its accompanying rifle musket) were part of the initial deliveries of arms to the Confederacy during the first few months of 1862. This means that this bayonet was more than likely in use by Confederacy in time to see service at the battle of Shiloh in the Western Theater, or the Peninsula Campaign in the Eastern Theater. This is one of about 70 known to have survived from the original shipment of 30,000. The bayonet measures 20” in dug condition and has been partially polished. The locking ring is frozen in place. A scarce Confederate marked bayonet. 

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    Inventory Number: CON 272 / Sold