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  • Confederate Revolver Holster

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    Confederate Revolver Holster - Inventory Number: CON 492

    Wonderful original example of Confederate manufacture.  This example is very supple and would nicely accommodate a Griswold and Gunnison or Colt navy style revolver.  The holster features an elongated flap which is secured by a southern carriage finial, copied off an English style and affixed to the holster with the aid of a copper rivet which it is peened to.  The body seam is excellent. The “cool factor” is evident in the belt loop, when manufactured, this example had an external belt loop, often used by the soldier in the field for repairing of shoes, etc.  A pair of slits were placed to form a belt loop and reinforced with leather thongs.  There is a pair of small holes at the base of the holster where the plug would have been, indicating that the revolver was tied down to the soldier’s leg for comfort, indicating possible mounted use.  A great example of a Confederate manufactured revolver holster that saw field use.

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    Inventory Number: CON 492