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  • Confederate Wooden Fuse Adapter / Sold

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    Confederate Wooden Fuse Adapter - Inventory Number: CON 155 /Sold

    Scarce American Civil War era wooden artillery shell fuse adapter. This larger adapter is Confederate and believed to have been manufactured by the Athens Bobbin Works based on documented labeled examples from the same crate as this adapter. The small fuse hole is drilled from both ends leaving a wooden 'bulkhead' that allowed the shell to be loaded with the fuse adapter acting as a stopper so the loaded shell could be safely transported without the powder getting wet or ignited by a cinder. Just before use, this 'bulkhead' was punched into the shell and a tapered fuse reamer was used to prepare the hole for the tapered fuse. This innovation was exclusive to Confederate ordnance. This fuse adapter was apparently never installed. This is a larger variant of fuse adapter and the dimensions are roughly (accurate to 1/16 inches) 1-½ inches long, 1- ¼ inches diameter on large end, 1 inch diameter on the small end. The fuse holes are less than ½ inch diameter. This adapter was in the same crate with other adapters taken from a broken paper package labeled as follows: FUSE ADAPTER PLUG QUANTITY 10 FOR SPHERICAL CASE & SHELL UP TO 24 PDR 1863 ATHENS BOBBIN WORKS.

    Inventory Number: CON 155 / Solsd