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  • Contents of a Civil War Paper Cartridge Pack / SOLD

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    Contents of a Civil War Paper Cartridge Pack - Inventory Number: BUL 347 / SOLD

    Deconstructed package of .58 caliber paper cartridges. The Civil War cartridge box would hold four of these paper packages, each containing 10 paper cartridges and a 12 percussion caps wrapped in a paper tube. This riker display contains the original paper cartridge pack stuffed with foam. A paper cartridge is unwrapped, showing a .58 caliber Williams Cleaner Bullet. The 60-65 grain black powder charge is displayed, which was wrapped in a separate piece of brown paper that sat under the bullet. A paper tube filled with 12 percussion caps is also present, along with 3 separate percussion caps. This would make a great display next to a Civil War cartridge box. 

    Comes housed in a 8 x 10 inch display case with black velvet backing and descriptive card.

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    Inventory Number: BUL 347 / SOLD