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    Dedicated  to Our Countries Wounded Heroes - Inventory Number: PRI 141 

    “Good-Bye Old Arm”

    In the Hospital at Nashville, a wounded hero was laying on the amputation table under the influence of chloroform.  They cut off his strong right arm and cast it bleeding upon the pile of human limbs.  They then laid him gently upon his couch.  He woke from his stupor and missed his arm.  With his left arm he lifted the cloth, and there was nothing but the gory stump.  “Where’s my arm? He cried “get my arm; I want to see it once more.  My strong right arm”. They brought it to him, he took hold of the cold clammy fingers. And looking steadfastly at the poor dead member, thus addressed it with tearful earnestness, “Good-Bye Old Arm. We have been a long time together, We must part now, Good-Bye Old Arm. You’ll never fire another carbine, nor swing another Saber for the Government”. And tears rolled down his cheeks.  He then said to those standing by “Understand I don’t regret its loss, It has been torn from my body that not one State should be torn from this Glorious Union”.

     Designed by D.W. Kilburn J.H. Buford & Sons Lith, Boston.  Entered into act of Congress in the year of 1866 by Miss Jenny Collins in the Clerks office of the Dist. of Mass.

     Professionally mounted in an archival frame.  Sight: 12 ¼ x 16 ½” Frame: 21 ¼” x 25 ¼”.

    Inventory Number: PRI 141