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  • Ornate Eaglehead Militia Officer’s Sword / Sold

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    Ornate Eaglehead Militia Officer’s Sword - Sold

    An outstanding single edge blade blued with gold wash. Both sides of the blade have military motifs and floral designs in a gold wash with blue background.

    Brass  hilt eagle head pommel with embellished backstrap. The flat embellished kuncklebow is typical of this time period, with floral spray. The languets on the obverse side has a large spread-winged American Eagle with a federal shield upon its chest, the grip is ribbed bone.  

    The scabbard is highly embellished with a floral design etched into the scabbard along most of the scabbard.  A superior example of an Eaglehead Militia's Officer's Sword.  

    Inventory Number: SWO 028 / Sold