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  • Deringer Philadelphia Common Rifle - Musket / SOLD

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    Deringer Philadelphia Common Rifle-Musket - Inventory Number: RIF 071 / SOLD

    Nice example of an altered U.S. M1817 Common Rifle produced by contractor Henry Deringer of Philadelphia, PA. Under contract with the government, Deringer converted some 13,000 such flintlocks to percussion, muzzleloader rifles with the ‘drum’ or ‘French’ style system. No National Armories were used.

    All metal is a light gray color.  The lockplate which is stamped “US / DERINGER / PHILADA” in front of the hammer and dated “1828” behind the hammer. Hammer is the typical civilian style with the flat side. Mountings are of iron and show scattered areas of rust pitting and dark oxidation. Entire 36” long round barrel, fitted for a .54 caliber bore, appears untouched and wears a browned lacquer finish. Features a plain, open rear sight and a small blade front sight for an angular bayonet at the muzzle. Barrel breech is stamped “LS US / P”.  Longarm measures 51¼” in total length and is secured to the black walnut stock via two of three barrel bands middle band lacking.

    The full length, black walnut stock is in good condition with a sharp edged flat and a large 4½” x 2” oval, iron patchbox, closure clasp is lacking.  The government cartouche is visible on the flat. Sideplate and frame screws are good. Rifle mechanics strong. The seven deep but narrow grooved bore retains strong rifling. Rear sling swivel is integral to the triggerguard on underside of the stock. Rifle retains an original button tipped ramrod.

    This type of rifle-musket was used in the Civil War with alleged service in the 2nd Mississippi Infantry, CS. A seldom seen, good looking longarm to fit any military collection.

    Inventory Number: RIF 071 / SOLD