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    Elmer E. Ellsworth - Inventory Number: HAR 124 / SOLD

    Abbott Tintype of Colonel Elmer E. Ellsworth, commander, New York Fire Zouaves.  This tintype was sold to rally support for the Union and to encourage the prosecution of the war.  Ellsworth was killed May 24, 1861 in Alexandria, VA.  While removing a Confederate flag from the Marshall House; he became a National martyr in the process.  Housed in a half 1/16th plate case.

    Elmer Ephraim Ellsworth

    25 year-old Lawyer.

    Enlisted on 4/20/1861 at New York City, NY as a Colonel.

    On 5/7/1861 he was commissioned into Field & Staff NY 11th Infantry

    He was Killed on 5/24/1861 at Alexandria, VA

     (Killed by Mr. Jackson, proprietor of the Marshall House hotel)

    Other Information:

    Born 4/23/1837 in Mechanicsville, NY

    Buried: Mechanicsville, Saratoga County, NY

    Report of Lieut. Col. N. L. Farnham, First Zouaves, New York Militia.

    ALEXANDRIA, VA., May 24, 1861--5.18 p. m.

    SIR: It is my painful duty to inform you that Col. Ellsworth, late commanding officer of the First Zouave

    Regiment, New York Militia, is no more. He was assassinated at the Marshall House after our troops had taken possession of the city.

    I am ignorant of the details of the orders issued to the regiment and await further instructions. My men are posted advantageously in the streets.

    I remain, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,

    NOAH L. FARNHAM, Lieut.-Col., Commanding First Zouaves.

    Brig. Gen. MANSFIELD, Commanding Department, Washington.

    Inventory Number: HAR 124 / SOLD