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  • Excavated Relics from the Buckeystown Pike, Maryland

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    Excavated Relics from the Buckeystown Pike, Maryland - Inventory Number: GRO 061

    Collection of dug artifacts from a Civil War camp on the Buckeystown Pike in Maryland. The lot includes an 1817 Large Cent, 1775 King George copper, 1775 Spanish Reale, some worn copper coins, flat buttons and button backs, a coat sized Civil War eagle “I” button, bayonet scabbard tip, part of a lead backed “V” insignia, a gilt wax seal, curb bit chain, knapsack J hook, slung buckle, and an interesting sheet brass piece stamped “C.S”. Buckeystown, Maryland was the scene of Union and Confederate camps during the 1862 Maryland Campaign. A nice assortment of colonial and Civil War relics housed in a glass topped, hinged wooden display case.

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    Inventory Number: GRO 061