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  • Federal Dyer Sub-Pattern II / SOLD

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    Federal Dyer Sub-pattern II -

    DIAMETER: 6.9 inches
    GUN: Rifled 42-pounder Smoothbore, 7-inch Caliber
    LENGTH: 14 inches
    WEIGHT: About 84 pounds
    CONSTRUCTION: Common Shell
    SABOT: Lead
    FUZING: Wooden Fuze Plug

    This specimen is the one usually noted.  They were primarily used by the Navy on inland waters.  However some Army use was made.  The sabot, which is three and one quarter inches high is cast on the base of the projectile body which has six ribbed flanges to hold it in place.  They seem to have stayed on the projectile quite well.  This specimen was recovered from Vicksburg, Mississippi.  Most of this pattern have been recovered from Island Number 10 along the Mississippi River in Tennessee.

    Inventory Number: ART 112 / SOLD