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  • French Chasseur Epaulets / Sold

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    French Chasseur Epaulets - Inventory Number: UNI 074 / Sold

    These epaulettes were for the French Chasseur uniforms issued to the 62nd and 83rd Pennsylvania, the 18th Massachusetts, and the 49th and 72nd New York.  The U.S. Federal Army adopted Chasseurs during the Civil War as a scouting and skirmishing force for use against the Confederate army.  Their uniform was patterned after the French style uniform.  Part of the Chasseur uniforms were these green wool epaulettes.  The tops are in excellent condition with a green wool body and fringe and a yellow-bordered clamshell outlined in twisted yellow cord.  The undersides are lined with polished cotton.

    Inventory Number: UNI 074 / Sold