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  • Full Plate Ambrotype of an 1850s Militia Officer

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    Full Plate Ambrotype of an 1850s Militia Officer - Inventory Number: HAR 171

    Rare full plate ambrotype of a bearded militia officer in a standing pose with full dress uniform. He sports a plumed fore & aft chapeau, shell jacket with embroidered gilt-tinted collar & epaulettes, white gauntlets, gilt two piece buckled sword belt over a regulation officer’s sash, white trousers, with knee high cavalry boots with tinted spurs. He holds a militia sword in tinted gilt decorated scabbard with ivory handle & gilt eagle pommel. The central image is crisp, with a wealth of detail, despite a light veneer of corrosion spotting. Measures 5 ¼” by 6 ½”. A highly unusual pre-war militia image.

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    Inventory Number: HAR 171