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  • Gallager Carbine Cartridge / SOLD

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    Civil war Gallagher carbine brass foil and paper cartridge -  Inventory Number: GET 076 / SOLD

    One of the earlier cartridges for the Civil War Gallagher Carbine, this is an excellent, like new example of the Gallagher Brass Foil and Paper Cartridge.  Considerably more fragile, resulting in a lower survival rate than the solid brass bodied cartridges, these brass foil paper wrapped cartridges were one of the forms of ammunition developed and issued during the Civil War.

    This example was from a collection from the National Soldiers’ Museum in Gettysburg, Pa.  formerly the Jennie Wade Museum and The Charlie Weaver Museum.  With Certificate of Authenticity.

    The cartridge body is complete, in full form, with the lead bullet firmly attached, and showing no signs of wear or age due to storage.  This is a prime example of this scarcer version of the Gallagher cartridges, which like all of the Civil War paper cartridges, is becoming more difficult to find in decent condition.

    Inventory Number: GET 076 / SOLD