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    Garibaldi Rifle - Inventory Number: RIF 112 / Sold

    Austrian Model 1849 Augustin .71 caliber rifles referred to as the "Garibaldi Rifle” because this model was supposedly used by revolutionary leader Giuseppe Garibaldi’s followers during his uprising in Italy. This one was converted to percussion in Liege, Belgium using a patent breach conversion.

    The majority of these guns saw use early in the war, in the hands of Western theater Federal troops, primarily from Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. They saw hard use, and this is a very nice condition example.

    The wood is solid and without the cracks or chips often seen in these beechwood stocked Austrian guns.    It has not been sanded down, and the edges are still sharp.  This still has the sling swivels, the original rear sight, and the ramrod is original and full length.  The metal is smooth and attractive, and the brass trigger guard and butt plate show nice age and darkening.  The deep 12-groove rifling is still sharp and crisp.  The nipple is not battered, and the mechanics are strong and crisp.  

    Inventory Number: RIF 112 / Sold