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  • General Alexander Samuel Diven, Colonel of the 107th New York Infantry / SOLD

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    General Alexander Samuel Diven, Colonel of the 107th New York Infantry - Inventory Number: HAR 117 / SOLD

    General A.D. Diven was the first to draft the call for the U.S. Colored Troops and was commanded for his gallantry at the Battles of Chancellorsville and Antietam.  

    Excellent wartime imperial print albumen photograph with hand watercolor enhancements.  This view depicts General Diven with his sons, Eugene Diven, Captain of the 60th New York Infantry and Alexander Diven, U.S. Paymaster.  Professionally framed, frame measures 24 3/4" x 27 1/4".    

    Alexander Samuel Diven:

    Residence was not listed; 52 years old.

    Enlisted on 8/13/1862 at Elmira, NY as a Lieut Colonel.

    On 8/13/1862 he was commissioned into Field & Staff NY 107th Infantry 

    He was discharged on 5/11/1863

    On 3/13/1863 he was commissioned into 

    US Volunteers Adjutant Genl Dept 

    He Resigned on 4/5/1865


    * Colonel 10/21/1862 

    * Major 3/13/1863 (Major & Asst Adjutant General)

    * Brig-General 8/30/1864 by Brevet 

    Other Information:

    Born 2/10/1809 in Watkins, NY

    Died 6/11/1896 in Elmira, NY

    Born in Catharine, New York, Diven attended the common schools and the academies in Penn Yan and Ovid, New York, and then studied law. He was admitted to the bar in 1831, and commenced practice in Elmira. He was member of the New York State Senate (27th District) in 1858 and 1859.

    Diven was elected as a Republican to the 37th United States Congress, holding office from March 4, 1861, to March 3, 1863. Strongly opposed to slavery, he was the first to draft and introduce measures for the recruitment of colored troops in the Union Army.

    Diven entered the Army on August 13, 1862, as lieutenant colonel of the 107th New York Volunteer Infantry regiment. He was promoted to colonel on October 21, 1862. He was granted leave of absence from the Army for ninety days to take his seat in Congress. He was honorably discharged as colonel May 11, 1863, and later brevetted brigadier general of Volunteers April 30, 1864. He spoke at the dedication of the monument honoring the 107th New York in 1869.  He engaged in railroad building and operation from 1865 to 1875, and was prominently identified with the Erie Railroad.

    In the 1870s Pennsylvania native Truckson LaFrance obtained several patents on improvements he developed in the rotary steam engine. John Vischer, head of the Elmira Union Iron Works, became interested and was convinced by LaFrance to back him in the manufacture of a steam fire engine. They subsequently formed a business partnership to manufacture fire apparatus.

    Their success attracted the attention of Diven and his four sons, who bought the company in April 1873. They renamed LaFrance Manufacturing Company and appointed John Vischer as a Director and Truckson LaFrance as the company's Mechanical Engineer.

    Within three months, the new company bought 10 acres of land and built a plant to manufacture steam engines and related equipment, including railroad locomotives.

    Eugene Diven:

    Enlisted on 11/15/1862 at 19 years old, Elmira, NY as a 1st Lieutenant.

    On 11/15/1862 he was commissioned into "D" Co. NY 60th Infantry 

    He was discharged for promotion on 9/26/1864

    On 9/26/1864 he was commissioned into US Volunteers Adjutant Genl Dept 

    He Resigned on 4/5/1865


    * Captain 9/26/1864 (Captain & Asst Adjutant General)

    Intra Regimental Company Transfers:

    * 6/9/1863 from company D to company B

    Alexander Diven:

    Enlisted on 11/26/1862 as a Major

    On 11/26/1862 he was commissioned into US Volunteers Paymaster's Dept 

    He Resigned on 1/31/1865


    * Major 11/26/1862 (Major & Additional Paymaster)

    Other Information:

    Born in New York

    Inventory Number: HAR 117 / SOLD