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  • General George Foster Shepley

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    General George Foster Shepley - Inventory Number: AUT 043

    Clip signature and CDV of General George Foster Shepley with E. Anthony / Brady backmark.  

    (January 1, 1819 – July 20, 1878)

    An officer in the Union Army during the American Civil War, military governor of Louisiana and a United States Circuit Judge of the United States Circuit Courts for the First Circuit.

    During the War, Shepley was commissioned a Colonel of the 12th Maine Infantry on November 16, 1816. He was assigned to the Department of the Gulf, commanding a brigade during the New Orleans campaign from April 18, 1862, to May 1, 1862. He served as military governor of New Orleans, Louisiana from May 1862 to July 1862, and then served as military governor of the Union-occupied parishes of Louisiana until March 1864. He was appointed Brigadier General of Volunteers on July 18, 1862. He briefly headed a district in Virginia and then served as chief of staff of XXV Corps, in the Army of the James. He then served as military governor of Richmond, Virginia from April 3, 1865, to July 1, 1865, when he resigned his military commission to return to private practice.  

    Inventory Number: AUT 043