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  • Harper's Ferry Model 1803 - Dated 1819

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    Harper's Ferry Model 1803 - Dated 1819 - Inventory Number: RIF 076 / SOLD 

    This is an original 2nd model U.S. 1803 Harper's Ferry .54 caliber rifle.  The Lewis and Clark gun.  Barrel length is 36". The stock length is 30 1/2".  Overall length is 52".  Blade front sight open type rear sight.  Sliding key secures the stock.  Rib under the barrel with both ramrod guides (ferrules) present.  No provisions for a bayonet.  The lock has bold markings Harper's Ferry with the Eagle bearing a shield with U.S. on its chest and the date 1819.  Conversion to percussion with drum.  Brass mountings.  Metal parts were originally finished bright.  Walnut stock with brass patch box on the right side.  All markings are correct.  Cartouche is visible.  The ramrod is its original with integral worm device.  Nice example which would fill a spot in a collection of U.S. military rifles as it was the first regulation ordinance rifled firearm adopted by the U.S. government.  

    Inventory Number: RIF 076 / SOLD