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  • Historic 11MM Pinfire Revolver / SOLD

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    Historic 11MM Pinfire Revolver - Inventory Number:  HAN 244

    Classic Civil War era 11MM pinfire revolver with unique battlefield inscription carved on the wooden grips: “Chateau Thierry” the opposite grip bears the inscription “July”.  The metal retains a good amount of original finish.  The mechanics are not functioning properly and appear to be a mainspring issue.  

    This pistol was apparently recovered from the WWI battlefield - Chateau-Thierry.  This significant engagement involved the addition of Americans with the French before and during the Aisne-Marne and Oise-Aisne offensives.

    German advances in late May 1918 led to the 3rd Division joining the fight. Its units assisted French troops in preventing the Germans from crossing the Marne River. The 3rd Division held the south bank of the Marne until the French American counteroffensive forced German withdrawal. It earned the nickname “Rock of the Marne.”

    Many revolvers of this era were still being utilized and sold off to foreign countries for decades following their manufacture.  This firearm is a testament to the use of pinfire revolvers in this major engagement of the 1st World War and a fifty-year veteran of battle.

    Inventory Number:  HAN 244 / SOLD