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  • Historic Napoleon III Relic Cane

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    Historic Napoleon III Relic Cane - Inventory Number:  MIS 181

    Ca. 1870’s

    Recently de-accessed from a New England Museum, this cane is wonderfully inscribed as follows: “Sedan August 9, 1871 – This cane was taken from the room in which the Emperor Napoleon and Prince Bismarck held their final interview after the defeat of the French Army at Sedan September 1, 1870”

    From 1866, Napoleon III had to face the mounting power of Prussia as its Chancellor Otto von Bismarck sought German unification under Prussian leadership. In July 1870, Napoleon III reluctantly declared war on Prussia after pressure from the general public. The French Army was rapidly defeated as Napoleon III was captured at Sedan.

    Cane is in very good condition and bears a beautifully executed jewelers inscribed silver ribbon which encircles the staff.  The topper is silver and bears a pair monogram which appears to read “MW”.  The original finial device is present as well.  An interesting Napoleon related artifact.

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     Inventory Number:  MIS 181