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  • History of the Third Pennsylvania Cavalry 1861-1865 / SOLD

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    History of the Third Pennsylvania Cavalry, Sixth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers in the American Civil War 1861-1865.  - Inventory Number: HIS 050 / SOLD

    Philadelphia, PA: Franklin Printing Company, by William B Rawle - 1905. First Edition. Original blue cloth, 10 by 6 1/2 inches and 2 1/4 inches thick, with gilt titling to the spine. 614 pp, with portrait frontis, photographs and rosters, plus two folding maps.

    October, 1861 March, 1862. The Regiment Reorganized into the Third Pennsylvania Cavalry by Colonel W. W. Averell. Colonel Averell's previous military record The companies brought together at Camp Marcy in the Defenses of Washington Distribution of the different cavalry regiments The strictest military discipline and hard drilling introduced into the regiment List of camp bugle calls Regiment attached to Porter's division of infantry Scouting, reconnoitering and picketing along the front Our first fateful November Captain Bell squadron ambushed at Hunter s Mill by First North Carolina Cavalry First grand review of the Army of the Potomac by President Lincoln Winter quarters at Camp Marcy Severe winter of 1861-1862 First association with Colonel D. McGregg and the Eighth Pennsylvania Cavalry Reputation of Averell s Cavalry Changes among the officers September 12, 1861 April 4, 1862. CHAPTER IV 32-43 March 1 April 4, 1862. The Advance to Manassas The Change of Base to the Virginia Peninsula. On to Richmond clamor of the politicians and stay-at-homes in the North Commencement of the Adjutant s Regimental Journal March 1, 1862 Continued to A pril 4T he Army of the Potomac moves at last The regiment leads the advance of the army toward the enemy's position at Manassas The first to enter the Rebel fortifications Captures the Quaker Guns No opposition as the enemy had disappeared Return to Camp Marcy The army embarks for the Peninsula Arrival at Hampton, Va. CHAPTER V44-54 April 4 - May 5. 1862. The Peninsular Campaign. The Monitor, a cheese box on a raft, grind stoning sabers. The regiment leads the advance to Great Bethel.  It is the first of the Union troops to occupy it First organization of the cavalry as a body Regimental Journal continued to May Siege of Yorktown The city abandoned by the enemy The pursuit toward Williamsburg, Battle of Williamsburg.

    Inventory Number: HIS 050 / SOLD