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  • Identified Combination Mess Set / SOLD

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    Identified Combination Mess Set - Inventory Number: PER 296 / SOLD

    Combination folding pocketknife, fork, spoon. Nice wood handles and tight function to the blade, spoon and fork.  The fork is stamped UNION ARMY KNIFE.  The sides are detachable at center with two tongue and groove joints. When detached one side has the folding spoon and fork while the opposite side has the knife.  Open it measures 8 ¼” long closed 4 ½ long.  This example is in good condition with a silver spoon, the underside of the spoon bowl had “Jas. Barrie” incised into the convex face. James Barrie served with the 3rd Ohio Infantry from June of 1861 until June of 1864.

    Inventory Number: PER 296 / SOLD