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  • Identified Gettysburg Hardtack

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    Identified Gettysburg Hardtack - Inventory Number: GET 005

    Two pieces of hard tack wrapped in the New York American Newspaper dated June 29, 1913, with an ink inscription that reads "Keep Geo. W. Lewis, Moses Burchest, S.F. Liscom Present / Gettysburg July 1913 / Hard Tack or Bread/ Reunion Anniversary Battle Gettysburg July 1913".  Inscription is written on laundry or tailor streamer from "Brattleboro Steam Laundry, W.K. Sparks, Proprietor 10 Flat Street.  Brattleboro, Vt. Telephone Connection."  Unique original identified early Gettysburg 50th Anniversary souvenir.  

    Inventory Number: GET 005