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  • Ivory Civil War Era Field Glasses / SOLD

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    Ivory Civil War Era Field Glasses - Inventory Number: PER 361 / SOLD

    Fine pair of Civil War era field glasses constructed of Ivory and brass. These glasses would have been the most expensive constructed examples of the era and required skilled craftsman to turn the bodies.  The ivory has shrunk creating vertical cracks due to shrinkage, the cracks are fortunately all aligned on the backside of the glasses allowing one side for a more pleasing display. Both eyepieces are inlaid with a ring of tortoise shell. Complete with the original soft leather case with blue silk lining. The optics on this pair have three settings marked “opera,” “field,” and “sea,” adjusted via a brass knob. The sea setting is flawless, with a cracked right lens on each of the other settings. A very attractive pair of optics. 


     Inventory Number: PER 361 / SOLD