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  • Libby Prison War Museum Grouping / SOLD

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    Libby Prison War Museum Grouping - Inventory Number: GRO 012 / SOLD

    Outstanding group of original albumen photographs of the Prison and later Museum.

    Great views - many not previously found published including:

                The South room in the Basement - Depicting a collection of cannon and saddles.

                The Hospital – Once filled with hospital cots, now filled with hundreds of original relics.

                The Kitchen – Once used for cooking and eating, and where the “Libby Prison Minstrels” held their weekly performances, 

                  now showcasing war logs, relics and items of Andrew Johnson.

                The Dungeons – The one depicted is known as the “Black Hole” and “Taken by Flashlight”.

                The Exterior of the Prison - With boats in the foreground.

                Side view of the Prison - With Stone Castle surrounding the building.

                View from the Yard - Showing navy boats and Armstrong gun carriages.

                Naval Exhibit – Located in the upper Chickamauga.

                Original post card from Libby Prison Museum – States on the reverse: “Has been removed from Richmond, VA., to Chicago, And erected just as it stood in Dixie's Land.  It has been converted into a Great Museum, illustrating the Civil War and African Slavery in America.  It is filled with thousands of genuine relics of the war, such as Scenes, Views, Portraits, Arms, Guns, Original Orders of all the Prominent Officers, both North and South, Etc.  No sectional animosity is intended – no North, no South – but a fair representation of the great Civil War, from both Northern ans Southern standpoints”

     Images are imprinted by Novelty Photographic Company in Chicago.

    Inventory Number: GRO 012 / SOLD