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  • Lincoln with Cabin Pitcher / SOLD

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    Lincoln with Cabin Pitcher - Inventory Number: POL 119 / SOLD

    Seldom seen one gallon white Bristol glazed Lincoln with Cabin pitcher.  This beautiful, cream-colored stonewear pitcher is in excellent condition, with a portrait of President Lincoln is seen as a young statesman on one side, with the reverse showing his log cabin with a smoking chimney.  Next to the home is an embossed stack of logs & an ax, depicting Lincoln's image as the "railsplitter".  Note: There is a long flat ax embossed on the handle as well.  The pitcher measures 8 3/4" in height, 6 3/4" in base diameter, & dates from 1905 - 1925.  It's in excellent condition with a faint 3 1/4" stress hairline running vertically.  There is a minor piece of material in the surface from the casting.  All in all, both are quite superficial.  A wonderful early Lincoln piece.   

    Inventory Number: POL 119 / SOLD