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  • Maynard .50 Caliber Carbine Cartridge / SOLD

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    Maynard .50 Caliber Carbine Cartridge - Inventory Number: BUL 120 / SOLD

    Excellent example used for the Maynard Cavalry Carbine.  This .50 caliber metallic cartridge has a wide flat base.  This ammunition has a conical bullet head attached to a cartridge case made of this copper or brass.  The wide base of the cartridge with its small center hole acted as a seal to prevent the loss of explosive force when the carbine was fired and also made it easy to remove the casing from the weapon after it was fired.  An excellent example of a Maynard metallic .50 caliber cartridge. Cartridge represents a fine specimen of Civil War carbine ammunition that was prized by the Civil War Cavalrymen. 

    Inventory Number: BUL 120 / SOLD