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  • Militia Infantry Officer's Belt Plate / SOLD

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    Militia Infantry Officer’s Belt Plate - Inventory Number: BEL 229 / SOLD

    Ca. 1835

    This wonderful example is the exact specimen pictured in American Military Belt Plates by Mike O’Donnell & J. Duncan Campbell, page 190 – plate 279.  White metal (pewter or semi-metal) with die struck tongue disk and belt loops, rolled tongue bar and cast ring.  The softness of this material and its failure to hold a polish” proved a major drawback.

    Silver or “White” was the color prescribed for the insignia of regular infantry between 1821-1851.  Militia officers generally followed this convention.  The Ordnance Department had recently outfitted the Army with white metal versions of the round eagle plate, therefore it is not surprising to find a contemporary officer’s plate constructed of similar material.

    Inventory Number: BEL 299 / SOLD