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  • Model 1819 Conversion Pistol with Family Lineage / SOLD

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    Model 1819 Conversion Pistol with Family Lineage - Inventory Number: HAN 168 / SOLD

    One of 20,400 made by Simeon North of Middletown, Connecticut from 1819 to 1823, this .54 caliber pistol has a 10” barrel, brass front sight blade, and oval shaped rear sight notch on the tang. The overall length is 15 ½.” This model of US martial pistol introduced the swivel type steel ramrod, which is complete and functional. The barrel is marked at the breach “JP US,” and there is a faint oval cartouche visible on the stock opposite the lock. Originally manufactured as a flintlock, this one was converted to percussion with the addition of a barrel shaped bolster. The original lock has been replaced by one manufactured and marked by Jason Golcher, a Philadelphia gunmaker in the 1830s. Starting at the top of the barrel near the breach and continuing down the barrel 3” are the names of every owner of the pistol in crude engraving, beginning with Nathan Bell in 1842 and continuing six generations to Harold L. Nearon in 1950. All the metal on the pistol has an even and pleasing chocolate patina. Save for some loss around the lock plate and near the bolster, the stock is in good condition and shows honest use. The hammer only holds on the half cock position. This is a wonderful US martial pistol with a rich family history.

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    Inventory Number: HAN 168 / SOLD