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  • Model 1850 Foot Officer's Sword and Scabbard / Sold

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    Model 1850 Foot Officer’s Sword - Sold

    This original Model 1850 Foot Officer’s sword, complete with original sharkskin scabbard. Blade was imported and assembled by Horstmann of Philadelphia, PA and carried by many Federal officers during the Civil War.

    The quality steel edged weapon measures a total length of almost 36” from tip to pommel. The fine looking steel blade is 30 ¼” long and carries a 12 ½” narrow fuller and a 21 ½” stopped wide fuller. Blade, with its rounded back.  There is a Knight’s Head marking at the base of the ricasso.

    Sword has a detailed, cutout brass hilt with the guard and knucklebow cast in one piece. The brass hilt features cutout foliate and ornate quillon. Covering the wood handle is gray sharkskin in excellent tight condition with just normal slight scuffing in spots. Seam tight and visible. Double twisted brass / copper wire is wrapped tightly about the grooves in the handle.  Brass pommel cap has a cast floral pattern border. Grip is tight to the blade tang.

    The leather scabbard is in good condition, retaining its original two brass ring mounts, brass bands and brass drag. Brass throat collar, tight to the scabbard.  The brass exhibits a pleasing mellow patina.  There is old straight repair just where the drag meets the body of the scabbard.  The leather has a nice chestnut hue to it with a tight seam.  Overall a fine, original, handsome Model 1850 Foot Officer’s sword. 

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