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  • Model 1861 Cartridge Box by Watertown Arsenal with Sling and Plates

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    Model 1861 Cartridge Box by Watertown Arsenal with Sling and Plates - Inventory Number: LEA 297

    Model 1861 .58 caliber cartridge box by Watertown Arsenal with sling and plates. The cartridge box contains the original magazine tins, inner flap stamped "Watertown / Arsenal / 1863," implement pouch, and outer flap bearing 1839 Pattern die-struck brass "US" box plate (some crazing and surface wear to leather throughout; date double-stamped; plate with spots of discoloration and a bit of loss to right edge). Belt loops, buckles, latch tab, and brass finial all present and complete. The reproduction shoulder sling retains a copy of an 1826 Pattern die-struck brass eagle shoulder belt plate attached with leather thong through metal loops (leather with some wear including scratching, crazing, a few punctures, and areas of discoloration; plate with some spots of discoloration). The classic Civil War union cartridge box.

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    Inventory Number: LEA 297