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  • Model 1861 Springfield Rifle-Musket / SOLD

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    Model 1861 Springfield Rifle-Musket - Inventory Number:  RIF 153 / SOLD

    The .58 caliber Model 1861 Rifle-Musket was the classic infantry arm of the Civil War and set the standard against which all other muzzle-loading arms of the period were measured. It was essentially a simplified version of the Model 1855, eliminating the Maynard tape priming system and patch box to simplify production. Springfield Armory produced 265,000 Model 1861s, with 20 other contractors bringing the total number manufactured to over 700,000. 

    This Model 1861 was produced at Springfield Armory in 1862. All metal surfaces have developed a mottled brown patina. The bore is dark with visible rifling. The stock is in good, well used condition with the typical dings and dents from service. The ramrod is a shortened, incorrect replacement but displays well. The barrel is no longer visible, but the “VP” and eagle proof marks are readily apparent. The lock plate is dated 1862 and marked “U.S. SPRINGFIELD.  The action is tight but does not hold on the half cock position, and the cone is original and in good condition. The barrel retains the original rear sight, complete with both leaves. A nice representative example of a Model 1861 Springfield.


    Inventory Number:  RIF 153 / SOLD