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    Monaural Stethoscope - Inventory Number: MED 200/ On-hold

    French physician, Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec originally invented the monaural stethoscope in 1816. Their design is essentially a hollow cylinder with a bell-shaped end placed on the patient's body and the flat end to the physician's ear. Monaural stethoscopes were the earliest form of diagnostic device for listening to internal sounds of the body (auscultation). By the 1850s the monaural stethoscope was a mainstay of physical examination. The father of Civil War officer Oliver Wendell Holmes was instrumental in introducing the stethoscope and microscope into the medical curriculum at Harvard Medical School. This rare gutta percha example measures 6” in length and is in excellent condition.

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    Inventory Number: MED 200 / On-hold