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  • New York Tribune belonging to Vermont State Senator James H. Phelps / Sold

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    New York Tribune  belonging to Vermont State Senator James H. Phelps - Sold

    Original complete edition of the semi-weekly newspaper belonging to Vermont State Senator James Houghton Phelps.  Contains articles of military engagements and political events of the day.  We have several newspapers available that belonged to the Senator, please contact us directly for more information regarding available volume numbers available.  Accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity. 

    James Houghton Phelps graduated fro Middlebury College in 1835, and served as a lawyer; county judge, and Vermont state representative and senator.  He was born in West Townshend, Vermont, on the 6th of September 1817 and died in Suffield, Connecticut on the 16th of September 1893. 

    The New-York Tribune was an American newspaper, first established by Horace Greeley in 1841. Between 1842 and 1866, the newspaper bore the name New-York Daily Tribune.  From the 1840s through the 1860s it was the dominant Whig Party and then Republican newspaper in the U.S. The paper achieved a circulation of approximately 200,000 during the decade of the 1850s, making it the largest in New York City and perhaps the nation. The Tribune's editorials were widely read and helped shape national opinion.

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