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  • Ornate Buckle Made from Copper from Admiral Nelson's Flagship HMS Foudroyant / SOLD

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    Ornate Buckle made from Copper from Admiral Nelson's Flagship - "HMS Foudroyant" - Inventory number: BEL 164 / SOLD

    Very ornate and well marked woman's belt buckle made from copper recovered from the wreck of Admiral Nelson's Flagship.  The "HMS Foudroyant" 1798-1860 which sunk while towing in 1897 and portions which were recovered had been turned into furniture and items such as this buckle.  Reverse of buckles marked, "MADE FROM / COPPER BOLT / OF / NELSON'S / FLAGSHIP / FOUDROYANT" and, "FOUDROYANT COPPER" as well as depiction of the Foudroyant.  Great detail and in excellent condition.   

    HMS Foudroyant was an 80-gun third rate of the Royal Navy, one of only two British-built 80-gun ships of the period (the other was HMS Caesar (1793)). Foudroyant was built in the dockyard at Plymouth Dock (a.k.a. Devonport) and launched on 31 March 1798. Foudroyant served Nelson as his flagship from 6 June 1799 until the end of June 1801.

    Foudroyant had a long and successful career, and although she was not involved in any major fleet action, she did provide invaluable service to numerous admirals throughout her 17 years on active service. In her last years she became a training vessel for boys.

    Inventory Number: BEL 164 / SOLD