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  • Pennsylvania Bucktail Documents / Sold


    Pennsylvania Bucktail Documents - Includes five documents of Company C, 149th Pennsylvania Volunteers. / Sold

    Muster Roll of Co C, 149th Pa Volunteers. Document is partially printed and partially handwritten.  Included on the form are columns noting "No.", "Names Present and Absent", "Rank", "Joined for service and enrolled at general rendezvous, commencement of first payment by time", "Mustered into Service", "Last paid", Names Present", "Remarks".  

    Clothing account form "No .52" This is a full ledger sheet headed at the top: 
      WE, the undersigned Non-commissioned Officers, Artificers, Musicians, and Privates, of Company C, one hundred and forty-ninth PA Vols, do hereby acklnowledge to have received of Capt Joh G. Batdorff Co C, 149th Pa Vols. the several articles of clothing set opposite our respective names,"  The form is partially printed and partially handwritten.  Included on the form are columns noting "Date of Issue" "Name and designation of the soldier" "Signature" and "Witness".  Detailing forage caps, private's jackets, private's trousers, stockings, drawers-pairs, stocking-pairs, flannel shirts, and infantry bootes pairs.  Witness signature all signed by Henry Hoffman.     

    Monthly return of clothing, camp, and garrison equipage, received and issued at Elmira, N. Y. "No 51".  This form is part hand printed and part handwritten.  Included on the form are columns noting "When received" "Of whom received" "Clothing" Clothing detailing forage caps, private uniform coats, sashes, trowsers, and flannel shirts.  Dated April 30th, 1865 and issued to enlisted men of C Company, 149th Regiment PA Volunteers.  

    "Form 27" - List of Clotting Camp Garrison Equipage transferred by Lieutenant G. W. Turner, Regiment H149th PA Volunteers,, U.S Army, to Captain John G. Batdorff Co C 149th PA Volunteers at Elmira N.Y., on the 30th day of April, 1865.  Details forage caps, infantry coats, trousers, drawers, stockings, bootees, bedsacks, flannel shirts, camp kettles, wood saw, and drum head batter.

    The fifth item is a hand written envelope, "Clothing Return" dated "April 1865".  

    Inventory Number: DOC 166 / Sold