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    Presentation Staff & Field Officers Sword - Inventory Number: SWO 099 / SOLD

    Colonel James Belger

    ·       Quartermaster

    ·       War Department

    ·       Aid-De-Camp to President Lincoln

    ·       (Mexican War Veteran)

    James Belger who was originally commissioned in the 6th Infantry Regiment and served as a quartermaster officer during the Civil War.

    Belger was born in New York circa 1814. He enlisted as a private in the 2nd Infantry Regiment on November 7th, 1832. He quickly rose through the ranks to become regimental sergeant major and was commissioned a 2nd lieutenant in the 6th Infantry on October 15th, 1838.

    He received a brevet to major dated May 30th, 1848 for meritorious conduct during the Mexican War. During the Civil War he served as a major in the quartermaster corps and was appointed an assistant aide de camp with the rank of colonel on July 11th, 1862.

    Belger was brought before a General Court Martial convened at Annapolis, Maryland on June 1st, 1863. Belger was court-martialed for allegedly mis-handling funds. Though the court-martial panel acquitted him of all charges, Secretary of War Stanton overturned their decision and dismissed Belger from the army on November 30th, 1863. In retaliation, Belger published the proceedings from his trial to publicly demonstrate his innocence.

    Belger was finally re-appointed as a major on March 3rd, 1871 and retired on June 19th, 1879. He died on December 10th, 1891.

    Inventory Number: SWO 099 / SOLD