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  • Remington Police Model Revolver / Sold

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    Remington Police Model Revolver  -  Inventory Number: HAN 116 / Sold

    Remington New Model police Revolver.  Produced by E. Remington & Sons, Ilion, New York, c. 1865 to 1873.  This sidearm, swcaled down from the Remington Navy and Belt models, was one of some 18,000 factory alterations from a percussion cap and ball round to a metaliic rimfire cartridge.  

    Designed to copete witht eh Colt Model 1862 Police sidearm and the Pocket Navy revolvers, this .38 caliber rimfire, five-shot, unrelabated, two-piece sylinder is fitted with a special plate on the front shoulder.  Cylinder with its plate are both stamped with serial #2,181 with a 3 1/2" long octagonal barrel.  Barrel had serial number #3,369.  Barrel shows worn maker stampings of "PATENTED SEPT. 14, 1858 MARCH 17, 1863 / E. REMINGTON & SONS, ILION, NEW YORK U.S.A. / NEW MODEL".  The revolver is in very good condition, had fine, two-piece unvarnished walnut grips.

    In mechanically strong condition, the revolver features a dusky medium gray sheen overall.  Iron triggerguard was silver plated.  Screws not buggered.  In very good overall condition, thid Remington 'New Model Police', altered for metallic cartridges, is a single-action .38 caliber rimfire revolver and is accompanied by its original leather holster.  A fine addition to any collection.

    Inventory Number: HAN 116 / Sold