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  • Revolutionary War Era Button Polishing Board

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    Revolutionary War Era Button Polishing Board - Inventory Number: REV 049

    Constructed of oak, it measures 3 ¾” x 1 ¼”. The soldier would have his coat off and put the button through the open slot and slide it up so he could polish it without staining his uniform.

    Even during War, soldiers were expected to reflect the standards and values of the unit in which it served. When soldiers were not on marches or in the field, they were expected to keep up with cleaning the buttons on their uniforms. However, this would be more common in the larger permanent camps, winter camps, or in forts.

    This was a small light piece, so it would be kept in a soldier’s backpack or haversack. It is a nice addition to display personal items of a soldier, or with a button collection.

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    Inventory Number: REV 049